The advent of drug resistant staph as a major health challenge is well documented and is now thought to be killing more people than AIDS. Staph in animals is not new but drug resistant staph in animals could further complicate complex public health problems.

There are 4 key reasons.

  • Many believe that a diet that includes animals given antibiotics as a growth aid speeds up the resistance cycle in humans.
  • There is a small but significant risk of cross infection during the food preperation process
  • Pigs and chickens are already known to be  conduits for major infections and the means by which infection agents can take on more genetic elements that will make them more harmful to humans.
  • Farm and Poultry workers are often ‘superspreaders’ of such infections and may be economically vulnerable and without good access to affordable health services

This site exists therefore to document the issues of public health, business practice and personal justice that surround MRSA ST398

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